How Choosing The Healthy Baby Foods

After Little One was six months old, he began to show interest in food other than breast milk. During this time, you must be wise in choosing and preparing food for her. Ideal weight gain during pregnancy is needed to optimize development and prevent complications in the fetus and make it easier for you to return to your original weight. Have you tried to visit in order to get the right and healthy foods for babies?

As a mom, you must be wise in choosing and preparing baby food. Giving baby food during the first few weeks is intended to introduce food taste and texture. At first, the little one is given pulverized and liquid baby food, such as milk or fruit juice (banana, papaya, or sweet orange). After that, can be given more solid baby food made in the form of porridge or puree, or cereal mixed with milk given little by little. If your child is adept at eating pulverized food, the next stage of baby food is the filter team.

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