Oily, Dry, Combination, and Normal Hair Types: Which One is Yours?

Everyone has different hair types. Usually, this depends on the genes that most strongly carry it. Different types of hair make people, especially women, take care of their hair in their own ways. This aims to keep their hair healthy. For more beautiful hair to be seen, many types of hairstyles are created. You can see several lists at https://www.blackhealthwealth.com/hairstyles-black-women/. Type, hairstyle, and face shape that fits will make someone’s beauty more radiant. So many women don’t mind spending a lot of money to care for their hair. However, before starting treatment, do you already know what type of hair you have? In order not to be mistaken for treatment, here we provide the types of hair that people have in general:


– oily hair
Oily hair is often associated with oil glands that are too active due to higher hormone levels. This type of hair is often easily flat and dandruff. Because of a large amount of oil it produces, dirt is easier to stick to. To treat oily hair, avoid using conditioner from hair roots.

– Dry hair
This type is easily tangled, difficult to comb, and easily brittle. Often looks cracked and unhealthy. The cause is too often treated at the salon, such as dyeing the hair repeatedly or shampooing too often. So, the hair oil level is below normal. To treat this type of hair, use a mild shampoo and conditioner after every shampoo. Add olive oil to add moisture to the hair.

– Combination hair
This type is a combination of oily and dry hair. Usually, the part is close to the oily scalp, while the ends are dry. To treat this type of hair, avoid special shampoos, oily hair and don’t use them too much. Use conditioner on the hair shaft.

– Normal hair
This type of hair is non-oily, not dry. The treatment is easier than other types of hair. To treat it, don’t paint or curly hair too often. Shampoo 2 days and use enough conditioner.