Do Not Underestimate the Number of Clothes During Umrah, Follow These Tips About Packing Clothes

In addition to worship, Umrah is also often used as a moment of religious tourism that is enjoyable by foreign tourists, including tourists. Umrah tours offer Umrah packages to attract tourists. Not only worshiping to visit the holy place, even there are umrah packages up to Turkey to do religious tourism. Of course, the price offered varies. The price also affects the facilities obtained. The more attractive tourist attractions visited, the more expensive the costs will usually be.

Coming to the place that is most purified by Muslims in the world, there are a lot of things that must be considered carefully, one of which is choosing the right clothes to wear during the Umrah journey. Your country may have a different climate than Saudi Arabia, so it requires additional tricks in preparing umrah equipment. So that the Umrah journey is safe and enjoyable, here are some tips for packing with the right choice of clothes to wear during the Umrah journey.

– Don’t bring too little clothes
Many tourists love something simple and simple. Travel is different from Umrah. Bring a few pairs of polite clothes during the Umrah journey. The country of Saudi Arabia, which can have a temperature of 51 degrees Celsius, will feel very hot and require someone to change clothes frequently. While in winter too, Arabs will feel very cold and require to wear thick layers of clothes.

– Bring some scarves
Bring a few pieces of scarves with the right material (quickly absorb sweat) and neutral color tones are not flashy. Do not just bring 1 piece of the scarf because the scarf will be wet with sweat during the Umrah journey and it takes a little longer to wash and dry it.

– Bring a matching robe
Bring 3 to 4 pieces of loose robe with non-hot material and neutral color tones to blend with local communities in Arabia. Even though the Umrah journey is often spent worshiping in a mosque, you will also spend hours on the road to surround the Grand Mosque.