Understanding the damage due to an earthquake

In general, the damage caused by a variety of earthquakes, this depends on the scale of the earthquake itself. Of all the facts that occurred, in general the damage to buildings that occurred due to the September 30 earthquake was classified into four parts of damage. Aside from that, you can also check out the free foundation repair estimate in Dallas TX.

First, failure in the soft story, which refers to the condition of building collapse that usually occurs in more than one-story buildings. The building on the lower floor is softer than the floor above, or it can be said that the floor above is harder or stiffer than the floor below. Most of the buildings in Padang City experience this soft story damage, like many two- or three-story shophouses that lose the other floor / collapse. While the floor above is still fine. But this soft story also happens in the middle, like in the BII building, the soft story takes place on the second floor of the building, while the first and third floors are still in good condition.

Second, the building details are not right. In planning earthquake resistant buildings, must also understand the philosophy of the collapse of a building, namely the column should not be destroyed first than the beam. However, most of the collapsing in the building columns that occur is caused by small and insufficient columns, as well as buildings using plain reinforcement.

Third, damage to the brick wall is mostly due to the absence of sufficient structures to hold the wall against the lateral direction of the earthquake. Even though in some other buildings the brick walls have been restrained properly, the bond to the concrete is less strong so the stone is unable to withstand earthquake energy.

Then, the last damage occurred in poor quality concrete. In some buildings, the reinforcement is still neatly installed, the stirrup is not released, the main reinforcement is not scattered, but rather the concrete core is crushed which indicates the quality of the installed concrete is not good.