Here are some regrets that people usually think of when they live

As a human being who can feel regret, usually, it will really disturb someone. In fact, there are some people who think too much about it and make them want to immediately end it. For that, the right therapy and healing will really help them. You can visit to get the right therapy.


When humans are on their worst side, then usually they will be filled with remorse. Some regrets that always disturb someone’s mind are

– Thinking that he is working too hard
This regret is most pronounced by men who usually become family heads. They were too late to realize that the busyness of work during this time made them miss memories of the child’s growth and togetherness with a partner.

– Suppose if he dares to express his feelings
Many people suppress their feelings in order to avoid conflict, even though in their hearts they are not relieved. As a result, the blocks of thought became a time bomb that gnawed at themselves and led to hatred, bitterness, even disease in the body.