Know these if you want to be a customer service staff

The mistake that is often made by customer service is to give false expectations to customers by delivering wrong info. Especially nowadays there are so many people who shop through online shopping portals that will be very related to customer service. If you are in a company position, you should be more careful about conforming to the client, do not promise services that may not be provided by the company just so that the client does not continue the complaint any longer. In addition to the company’s big name, your reputation before the leadership will also be damaged if the client feels cheated with info from customer service. In the meantime, you may also need to call 1300 number from overseas for your company’s phone numbers.

Have product knowledge

The next tip, good customer service must also have a product knowledge capital that can be used when dealing with clients. Customer service is known as a forward player in the business, so before reaching the next stage, clients or buyers and customers will be served first by the customer service team. If the delivery of product material to the client is sufficiently convincing, it will be easier for the team inside to approach so that an agreement that benefits both parties can occur. Ways to improve product knowledge at customer service usually with direct training and simulation.

Want to accept complaints or complaints

It is almost impossible if customer service does not face complaints in every communication with the client. In fact, often customer service also gets a cold or angry tone on the phone. But it is one of the most common work risks, which is usually experienced by your supervisor or manager level in the area of customer service. That is why you need to make peace with the situation and risk of this work. Every complaint and complaint that occurs usually is also a result of a system that is down or a policy compiled by the company, so it must be responded with a cold head so that you can also be calmer in accepting each complaint.