This is a Quality iPhone Purchasing Tips

The iPhone is clearly one of the gadgets that are widely used by everyone. Because a practical model with various features provided can make many people like it. However, when the iPhone you have has a problem, then you can find services from the iPhone 8 screen repair to be able to handle problems that occur on your iPhone.


In addition, buying an iPhone must be observant and thorough because there are many fake iPhones circulating out there. There are several tips for getting a genuine and quality iPhone. Some of the tips in question are

1. Where you bought it
You must pay attention to where you bought the iPhone. It is advisable to buy it at an Apple official place or store that is now in many malls in many countries. By buying it at an official iPhone outlet, you can get an iPhone of good quality and of course original.

2. Buy directly or through online
This is your choice. When you will buy it, then you have two choices, whether to buy it directly or buy it online. When buying directly, you can hold the iPhone directly. Whereas if you buy it online, then you have to download it at an official iPhone reseller or online shop that has an authorized status from Apple. This is to anticipate you buy a fake iPhone.

3. The condition of the box and device
You must be able to pay attention to the condition of the box or other devices in the box. Because, if there are defective box conditions then you can immediately complain to the store in question. So, make sure that the condition of the box is good and there are no defects.

4. iPhone IMEI
The next way to buy an original iPhone is that you need to match your iPhone’s IMEI through the settings menu on the iPhone with the IMEI printed on the iPhone box and on the back cover of your iPhone. The IMEI on the original iPhone product will certainly be the same as each other. After that, enter the IMEI to the Selfsolve website from Apple to check whether the iPhone product is registered with Apple.

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